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(noun) a drug addict (usually a crackhead) who sells, or procures for sale, stolen items in order to support his or her drug habit.
That pager wanted money for a rock so he tried to sell me a camera.
by max March 10, 2004
No idea, none
Where's Bob?
I've got buckleys!

How did she do that?
I've got buckleys.
by Max September 04, 2003
a guy who lets the girl take complete control in the relationship, he's her biatch
nasser is pucci, if he could get a girlfriend
by max November 13, 2003
Akbar is a powerful and majestic individual. He enchanting and picturesque characteristics will charm you. Akbar's intellegent notions have not only brought peace to huamanity, but have facilitated many oppotunities for others around the world. Not? Hes a slut you can't get his hands off gurls. Slap him a few times and hell bark.
Akbar is a snackbar, because he will eat until the cows come home.
by max March 12, 2005
When you are not quite sober and not quite drunk. Your game is at its best at this point.
I had two beers last night and was really loose.
by Max January 09, 2005
Popular Dr. Suess book in which a hat wearing cat doubles as a veiled subliminal message for the use of condoms in acts of bestiality!
Timmy touch my weiner! -Dr. Suess
by Max February 25, 2005
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