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This is when you reach back like a Pimp and slap the Bitch so hard in the fucking face that her gold Tooth falls out and then pick it up and take it to the pawn shop so you can go get youself a warm bottle of Kiwi Mad Dog.
I gave that Bitch a Rizzo Frizzle and got myself a kiwi mad dog to boot
by DR T. SANCHEZ May 02, 2003
Rizzo is the rat from the muppets. he usually hangs out with Gonzo
Gonzo: hey Rizzo! get over here!
Rizzo: what is it?
#rizzo #rat #gonzo #muppets #jim henson #sesame street #kids show #talking animal
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
A character in the American movie classic, “Grease.”: This acting role required a part played with a vigorous, tough no nonsense approach. This is because “Rizzo” is the shot-calling leader of a high school gang called, “The Pinks”…, yes I know, the pinks; has it been mentioned that Rizzo is a girl? Rizzo likes to drink, smoke and generally wants too, the things that fancy a boy’s desire…, other girls’ maybe? These nuances can easily verify with a thirty first screening of the movie..., that is, unless your person only recently snapped out of a thirty year coma!

Nonetheless, now is when this Urban Dictionary allows for a more penetrating definition of character role. It was some thirty odd years ago when a young actress named Stockard Channing won this acting nod.

Uncannily, in this same self awareness book, there is another personalized description of an actress that eerily names as “Stockyard Channing.” Can it be that there is a connection here? If one reads the reason for this person being referred to as term, this now quasi game show interpretation seems all the more plausible.
Rizzo, this is a pajama party dance not leather chaps and sheepskin pants!
#grease #rosie #adoption #rizzo #coma #american movie
by gravy111 November 23, 2010
The "residency", the place that you are at, were at, will be at, or ever thought about being (in context).
We be chillin in the rizzo
by Reds and Aust February 28, 2005
(verb) to rizzo - to abandon, or purposely believe behind, one or more individuals, esp. if one is liable for them, in a secluded or isolated location (i.e. the Adirondacks); to herp derp; to drop ball
"Guys, we should rizzo her."

"Our professor ditched us in the middle of the Adirondacks."
"Dude, he totally rizzo'd you guys!"
"Yeah, but at least we were della'd."
#to drop the ball #screw up #lose people #to derp #della'd
by eco 108 November 24, 2013
Used in conjunction with the izzo language as a stand in for the word real.
For rizzo.... or, perhaps in the phrase: On the rizzo, yo.
by Max September 27, 2003
This word has a number of definitions and is most commonly used in Newport,south wales, UK. It has also become a popular catch phrase of the DJ
crew the '44 Rounds click'.
'keepin it Rizzo' - Prince of Bhangra (host) 'quarter part rizzo'
#ri-z-o. common misspellings : rizo #riso #realion #rizac #resin.
by yogeytoshi December 08, 2006
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