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your ass's virginity
If you go to jail, you will most likely lose your cornbread
by max April 07, 2004
More things than you want to count.
dude, you have a shitload of bongs in your kitchen.
by Max September 18, 2003
No idea, none
Where's Bob?
I've got buckleys!

How did she do that?
I've got buckleys.
by Max September 04, 2003
another word for crap or shit or poop but approximately 74% funnier
holy pap what in the pap is going on!?
you paphole why don't you go drink some pap!
by max May 06, 2003
Something said by dumbass yuppie posers in order to get thier ass kicked.
Marlow: Represent, yo!
by Max May 11, 2004
a guy who lets the girl take complete control in the relationship, he's her biatch
nasser is pucci, if he could get a girlfriend
by max November 13, 2003
The best game ever, it's a first person shooter, whitch offers many game types, and it has THE BEST ONLINE GAMEPLAY EVER!
Oh, god. My dick is soar...
From what?
I've been raping you too hard.
by Max February 22, 2005

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