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264 definitions by max

best song ever by slip knot except for wait and bleed dat jawn was also bangin as shyt 2
im lsitening 2 pulse of the magits by slip knot
by max December 09, 2004
your ass's virginity
If you go to jail, you will most likely lose your cornbread
by max April 07, 2004
No idea, none
Where's Bob?
I've got buckleys!

How did she do that?
I've got buckleys.
by Max September 04, 2003
Akbar is a powerful and majestic individual. He enchanting and picturesque characteristics will charm you. Akbar's intellegent notions have not only brought peace to huamanity, but have facilitated many oppotunities for others around the world. Not? Hes a slut you can't get his hands off gurls. Slap him a few times and hell bark.
Akbar is a snackbar, because he will eat until the cows come home.
by max March 12, 2005
More things than you want to count.
dude, you have a shitload of bongs in your kitchen.
by Max September 18, 2003
A white person who acts black (ie, acts like he was raised by apes.) Similar to wigger.
that kid is such a fucking tarzan bitch
by max December 01, 2004
Something said by dumbass yuppie posers in order to get thier ass kicked.
Marlow: Represent, yo!
by Max May 11, 2004