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A game by which two contestants compete against each other to see who can upload the most urinal cakes into the other contestants anus.When each contestant is filled, each then consumes large amounts of Senecot laxatives. The first person to release all the cakes wins.
My ass is massive after that game of "Fisher"
by max April 13, 2005
best song ever by slip knot except for wait and bleed dat jawn was also bangin as shyt 2
im lsitening 2 pulse of the magits by slip knot
by max December 09, 2004
my name after i was crowned
my name is maximustard
by max March 17, 2004
the greatest and most overpowering religion. worchip by many known by little. ppl of this religion worship the almighty max creator of all ruler of many. highest life form there is. even though hes short and drinks....cough syrup..oh yeah!!
worship the all overpowering max!!!
by max April 15, 2005
A blood trait formed from an infection found in the urinary tracts of homosexual men who like rimming.This nasty disease can turn the carrier into a serial cum master,and can cause severe behavioural changes such as beastiality, necrophilia and masturbating in shoes.
I had "Fisher" now i'm married to a homosexual binman
by max April 13, 2005
to put a small puffy dog in his carrying case, zip it up, and swing him around as if he were in a mini airplane
1)come here doggie im gonna brang you!!!
2)dude stop branging my dog, its making him sick
by max March 12, 2005
is one of the fuckin gayest internet connections ever fuck snip and fuck u bri
bri fucked snip up the ass
by max December 09, 2004

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