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Not only a brisk wind, but a damn fine automobile.
I drive my Passat 76 miles a day.
by Leif February 18, 2005
Exclamation. It's a retort to someone who is whining about something rather trivial. It is said among dudes to indicate that their compadre is acting like a little girl...
Dude 1: I'm not sure I should ask her out, she might say no...
Dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!

Dude 1: Dude, you stole my beer!
dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!

Dude 1: The Prof. kicked me out of class since I didn't read the assignment.
Dude 2: Wah, my pussy hurts!
by Leif April 12, 2005
From the German translation 'Speed Play', fartlek is a training exercise used by distance runners to increase their anaroebic capacity. This increases racing performance greatly by allowing muscles to better cope with the lack of oxygen associated with high-intensity activities. The process involves speeding up to race pace for several minutes, then jogging for several minutes, repeating until workout is over.
Uli did 2 hours of fartleks yesterday to get ready for the Seattle Marathon, he's insane!
by Leif February 23, 2005
v. 1 To refresh yourself, like if you've been daydreaming during a meeting.
v. 2 To wake up.

Origin comes comes from the use of F5 as a "Refresh" key for MS Windows applications.
Frank: Greg, what did you think of Tom's suggestion.
Greg: (Daydreaming) Huh? Wha?
Tom: F5, dude!

I can't really F5 until my second cuppajava.
by Leif April 08, 2005
One of the least known members of the Ramones. He is also the drummer of Blondie (the band). In the revolving door of the drummers for the Ramones -- Tommy, Marky, Richie -- Elvis came in at a time when Marky was too much of an alcoholic and before they got the uberquick drumming of Richie. He played for a few gigs before they kicked him out for better punk drumming talent.
Ramone Fan 1: Name all the Ramones!
Ramone Fan 2: Joey (RIP), Dee Dee (RIP), Johnny (RIP), Tommy, Marky, Richie and CJ.
Ramone Fan 1: You forgot about Elvis Ramone
by Leif May 19, 2005
The act of using the ALT+TAB keys to jump from application to application (Or document to document), or in the workplace, using those keys to hide the website of non working nature to go back to an open document looking like you're doing real work.
I hate that I can't alt-tab between Visio documents.

When Art heard the boss's footsteps, he quickly alt-tabbed to a spreadsheet, hiding the streaming pr0n he had been lookin at.
by Leif April 08, 2005
1. Poor spelling of a word meaning joint (doobie) - influenced by college hijinx.

2. Dude who happens to show up when the bong fires up, but never buys a bag.
1. Hand me a dubie, i'm too poor to afford two "o"s.

2. Man, dubie must have a nose that can smell this skunk a mile away. Here comes dubie.
by Leif February 18, 2005

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