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To emaul a person is to send them a gazillion emails, even though all that could get done in one 3 minute phone call. It could also happen when someone just has to forward every stupid stinking chain letter "Please send this for good luck" "Somebody loves you" "Bill Gates will send you a check! I know it's true, My brother's cousin's roomate's ex boyfreind's mother-in-law's nephew works for Microsoft" Dreck.
Since Maria didn't have IM at work, she and Jen were emauling each other all day long.

If somebody emauls me one more time about my relatives that crashed in Nigeria, I'm gonna have to deep six them.
by Leif April 12, 2005
A TLA for Fine Tobacco Product - what you see on cigarette packages. Can be used as a noun or a verb. Can also mean a cigarette break.
Keith: Hey dude, can I bum an FTP.

Wende: Let's go FTP!

Greg: Hey EO, almost ready for that meeting?
EO: Sure, right after Java, PP, FTP.
(Coffee, urinate, ciggy break).
by Leif April 08, 2005
A spouse or significant other. Comes from the fact that they love to ride your back and never ever ever stop. God what a whipping... what a beatdown. And people wonder why half of the world cheats.?
With all the items on the honey-do list, Steve contemplated feeding his nagger arsenic.
by Leif February 18, 2005
A close male friend, usually one who is also familiar with the term
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaay dogger! Sup dogger?
by Leif October 05, 2004

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