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It's another word in slang for,"Making out."
The young man and his girlfriend played tonsil hockey,while swimming in the pool.
by Jeff Gray November 28, 2003
The act of french kissing
They were playing tonsil hockey as they made out on my couch
by Greg August 22, 2003
A act similar to Making Out, in which the participants appear as if to play hockey by hitting the other's tonsils with their tounge.
Sheila and Gary spent the whole night playing tonsil hockey.
by jetsonian February 09, 2003
when 2 people are hardcore makeing out, being all sloppy and what not.
OMG Staci and Bill were all over each other playing tonsil hockey with their tounges!!! DUDE IT WAS SO GROSS!
by Mr. A. Ludwig December 01, 2009
The act of making out with someone.
Michael and Rebecca were playing tonsil hockey in the back of the theater.
by pussyisbae November 12, 2014
A violent game played on astroturf, a ball is hit around the netted astro turf (basically astroturf with a net around it) until the ball is hit at such an angle that it hits sombody in the mouth
this will score you 2 points
there is then a chance that that person may be knoced out
this will get you an additional 2 points
if they are unconsious there is then what is called "tonsil touchdown" in whcih a player needs to succed in ripping out sombodys tonsles and running to the other end of the pitch with them and throwing them on the ground
this will score you an additional 8 points.

i have never seen anybody score over 4 points in tonsil hockey

it is also occasionally mis used to refer to kissing
Larry: AND ITS CRAAAAAAAAAzy weather were having here today frank in this the tonsil hockey world final and the first game of the season!

Frank: it certianlly is larry lets see which of the players are still consious and willing to go on...
by Lewi Dibbin November 30, 2006
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