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something that is cool or good.
"Hey did you check out my new car?"
"Yeah it's brisk."
by spain08 August 14, 2008
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A very positive adjective, synonymous with sweet, cool, tight or awesome.
Dude, I finally saw the Matrix last night. It was so brisk! I loved it.
by Andy Pamberg December 06, 2009
Brisk, An awkward or controversial situation.
Person 1: oh my dad couldn't do that
Person 2: well your dad's a dick then
Person 1: my dads dead
by jimbobhas September 08, 2010
a very tall plaid shirted man who has long, greasy hair that hangs just below his eye lids. he is facinated by the guitar, axl rose, and staring at girls with a ripped garden city swearshit at homecomings. he can be socially awkward and a douche fag, but it's ohhk, because he's brisk and that is all the really counts.
girl one: is brisk staring at me?
girl two: yeah
girl one: (turns around)
brisk: (turns head real fast)
girl one: omg!
girl two: i know

later on in the car
girl two: he kept looking at you the whole time
girl one: thats a good thing right?
girl two: yes. very good.
girl one: yaya!
by msbriskbusiness October 25, 2009
The awesomest form of matter in the universe
ZBrisk drank a Brisk.
by ZBrisk March 29, 2003
Definition of a good looking woman
"Yo let me holla at that Brisk."
by lalakers24 February 02, 2007
Homosexual male.

As opposed to stale.
Guy listens to Ace of Base. He's totally brisk.
by Chrekol September 15, 2005

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