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Next door neighbor of the beast.
Number of the beast is 666, 668 is one house up.
by Leif February 21, 2005
A state one reaches when they get really drained by hearing about it. It often occurs with celebrity trials, financial discussions, or other very detail-oriented stories.
I was listening to my favorite sports station yesterday on the way to work, they talked so much about Salary Cap that I got tiredhead and punched out.

Everytime that person talks about their baby I get such tiredhead and want to power down.
by Leif April 27, 2005
Another great Ticket-ism from the hard line (www.theticket.com). It's a so long salutation basically meaning to remain being a stand up guy or gal. My mother says it now.
Thanks for allowing us to invade you personal space for this afternoon. Until then, stay hard, keep jammin, and we'll see ya brutha.
by Leif April 04, 2005
When a parent and child are in a situation that would be represented by a "Very special" episode of a program that explores teen angst. Could also be among peers/teens to talk about all those things that those shows seem to talk about.
Mom: I saw you making out with that boy...
Daughter: God, Maaaaaaaaa! That was a private place!
Daughter: Maaaaa!
Mom: I just don't want you making the same mistakes I made.
Daughter: Oh, is this a very special Blossom episode?
by Leif April 12, 2005
Newly Christened Princess of Norway. Two-month old Norwegian princess Leah Isadora, whose first name was inspired by Star Wars heroine Princess Leia, was christened in the royal palace chapel.

Born on April 8, 2005, Leah Isadora is the second child of Princess Maertha Louise and writer Ari Behn, and the third grandchild of King Harald and Queen Sonja.
Wow, finally we Star Wars geeks can point to a real life Princess Leah (Leia)
by Leif June 17, 2005
Enjoy all the things coming and going your way. Usually said while passing a co worker down the hall. Buff Tanner was caught saying that, and it's caught on like wildfire in DFW area.
Dude 1: I gotta go! I just got paged by that nympho.
Dude 2: Aight! Have good and get give!
by Leif April 04, 2005
To be in a state opposite of being an asshat. To have your mind focused properly on the task at hand. Usually attributed to baseball hitters, who need to have their head right with ball to hit it properly.
We'll see if the Mavs can do anything this year. Even though Devon Harris is a rookie, he's getting his head right with ball.

I had to turn off urban dictionary at work and get my head right with ball.
by Leif April 07, 2005

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