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A word Dr. Evil uses referring to goldmember on his CB radio in the Austin Powers movie Goldmember.
" Roger that Goldiwang."
by Kenny February 07, 2005
Sweat on da ballz that dries and turns into a yellow crust.
Yo man...i got some heavy gornage from this weather.
by Kenny September 11, 2004
similar to ya mum but more clever me thinks! KINDA SUGGEST U IS HAVING SOMETHING TO DO WIT THE PERSONS MUM (SEXUALY)
(in a fight)
by KENNY July 06, 2004
a substitution for any word in a common phrase or slogan in order to make it satirical
Renus - it's what's for dinner.
by Kenny February 05, 2003
A phrase used when one needs to defecate (potty), but does not want to reveal it to the public. Generally used when with a group of people who know the actual meaning.
<person 1> I'm going to go count the ballroom chairs.
<person 2> (ignorant of the fact) Oh okay.
<person 3> (whispers to person 2) He's actually going to go poo!
<person 2> (surprised)Oh!
by Kenny November 29, 2002
Used to hold two or more peices of paper together in a slightly more permanent way then a paperclip. Also used in surgery to hold a wound together.
"Will you pass the stapler so I can staple my papers together?"

"He split his head open good, we'll need to staple it back together."
by Kenny March 09, 2005
part fetus part fecal matter
the fecus looks funny in this light.
by kenny December 17, 2003

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