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70 definitions by kenny

What Captian does to every 'Zig' for great justice.
Launch every 'Zig' for great justice.
by kenny April 06, 2004
Female ejaculation
Dude ryan when that girl squirted it looked like cat puke, ya kenny she needs to shave that bush
by kenny March 18, 2004
adj.; describing an action or event associated with a person who partakes of a fake identity for social reasons (SEE -poser-)
All your friends are going bowling to punk music? That's fuckin poserific, dude.
by Kenny March 10, 2003
Father... Michael Myers in Austin Powers.. Goldmember
Take a look at his fahja
by Kenny December 31, 2004
comes from the south indian language of malayalam. it means to fart, or farted, or the act of farting. typical action after eating something or done for no particular reason while walking
he let out a pori
by kenny June 22, 2004
a substitution for any word in a common phrase or slogan in order to make it satirical
Renus - it's what's for dinner.
by Kenny February 05, 2003
when the chick you are fucking is lying on her back, and then you cum on her face and pin her down and take a shit right on her face
What's that shit on your face Casey, did you just get huffed???
by Kenny February 27, 2005