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A full box is your belly.
"Yo, I had a full box after I eat that chick's lungs."
-Big Lurch
by kenny April 15, 2003
a goatee; possibly shaped
Hey, you've gotta pinch growing there! I see it!
by Kenny March 10, 2003
an imagenary and primarily subterranian "rootknot nematode" which often lives under certain "for profit toadstools and terrariums". Can often be disguised as a domestic cat but easily distuinguished by its hacking cough and regurgitation of invisible insects and its tiny head.
You say, Here Nino.....You experience silence......beware
by Kenny April 20, 2005
Trilogies that ruined good movies!
Terminator 3, Matrix Revolutions, Robocop 3, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Halloween 3 . . . and many more, can you think of some?
by Kenny December 21, 2003
1. a comedic way of insulting someone in such a manner that they may still sleep with you.

2. syn. for "Damn, I know I just didn't"
BOY: "These other definitions are retarded. And you're a sketchy whore."

GIRL: "I know you just didn't"

BOY: "Oh, snap!"
by kenny October 23, 2002
A small party or kick-back. Typically drinking with close friends.
Jonny is having a kicker tonight. You can come but don't tell everyone about it.
by Kenny April 21, 2005
the greatest coder of all time
by Kenny July 15, 2003

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