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An expression of agreement, especially in a context of negotiation. Obviously rooted in business language.
Tom: "Let's meet in your appartment, thirty minutes. I'll order dinner."
Cindy: "Sold."
by Praetorian September 24, 2005
1.past tense of getting knoced out, or just punched in the face, without any retaliation

2. when someone gets punched in the face and there is noticable damege to their grill
Todd came into the room with a black eye and I asked, "Who sold you"
by BMoo July 17, 2006
Acronym: Shit out of luck dude
Me-"Hey Nina, can I have some pizza rolls?"

Nina-"You're S.O.L.D."
by Mujer Perfecta October 14, 2011
The step after salty. The point where you are so mad and feel so stupid that words can't express it.
"Hey daniel I saw you got turned down by the same girl 4 times in a row."
"Oh you sold huh?"
by Mattonic March 19, 2014
Whoring the individual in Northbridge: sold.
Simon likes to take it up the batthole in Northbridge
by Simon August 28, 2003
Too cool for words.
Strider: "OMG look it's sold! My gooch just tingled."
by goochiar August 26, 2003
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