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the greatest coder of all time
by Kenny July 15, 2003
Used as the exact same thing as gay(annoying, stupid, etc...), but you can use it without fear of being Politically incorrect. No more gay people and liberals bitching at you anymore.
Man, that test we took today was quay to the max
by kenny April 22, 2004
a movie i made with some friends, also a penis that is as long as it is wide, and it isnt usually very large for either of these.
his chode tasted like salt, and its also the best movie ever.
by kenny December 22, 2003

Aka. Wee fanny, cunthole, kev, scally, etc.
Dinnae ca' us neds ya fuckin' plamph!
by Kenny September 07, 2004
meaning a car or something isnt working worth a fuck.

B.A.D.-broke ass down
person 1-man your car is bad
person 2-do u mean bas as in good
person 1-no i mean bad as Broke ASS Down nigga
by kenny June 26, 2004
fochanka male version of a fochanka
my biff got cut off by that giant tiki man.
by kenny December 22, 2003
slang for the game of the gods...HALO
Sup dawg, yo wanna go play some hayhay
by Kenny May 17, 2004

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