70 definitions by kenny

1. Leader of the band Reggie & The Full Effect, keyboard player of The Get Up Kids, drummer of Coalesce, along with various other projects.
2. The coolest man on the planet.
"I went to see Reggie because James Dewees is the fucking man."
by Kenny August 08, 2004
jack sparrow is one skilful cleric of the church of England impersonating a pirate
"i want you to know, i was rooting for you mate..know that!"
by kenny December 09, 2003
1.one who paints their face with their own poop before going to war,see;berserker

2.a very,very,gay man
( ((><)) )```` hahaha
by kenny December 10, 2003
A short Person, with a nice booty, very very sexy...hince short'n'sexy

Aim S/N Bashbro12k ;-)
Two guys walkn down the beach...short and sexy girl walks by...they turn..."damn dude now thats a short'n'sexy"
by Kenny December 06, 2004
st george girls (2003) that stretch out the phonetics of this common phrase and sound more like ambulance sirens than normal humans like most people
that person was a fat ass

you're slaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk
by Kenny November 10, 2004
When fucking a chick in the dark your nigger is in the closet, pulling a warmup jerk. Move the chick in front of the window doggy-style, then allow your buddy to move in and take over. Quietly dress and slip outside. Bang on the window and wave at your friend.
What do I think of your new girlfriend? I know the bitch fucks- Marty and Johnny pulled the ghost in the dark on that bitch last month.
by Kenny January 30, 2004
What Captian does to every 'Zig' for great justice.
Launch every 'Zig' for great justice.
by kenny April 06, 2004

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