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(sense 1): Interjection signifying pain, weariness, disgust, resignation, etc. Very often part of oy vey or oy vas mir. Compare to English Jeez. (from Yiddish "oy", probably from old German; probably cognate to English "oh").

(sense 2): Interjection signifying annoyance. Very similar to sense 1, but more annoyed than resigned. (Probably from Cockney accent of English "Hey".)

(sense 3) Greeting meaning "hello" or "Hi". (Probably from Cockney "hi").
(sense 1) Oy, my feet hurt.

(sense 2) Oy! What the 'ell do ya think you're doin'?

(sense 3) Oy, mate! 'ow's it goin'?
by Ross November 06, 2003
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1.) an expression of shock or amusement; oh my
ex. Oy, Melissa is drop dead gorgeous!
by Jimbo McFly April 03, 2007
an exclamation of suprise, dismay, confusion, or any other feeling (from Heberew)
Oy! What the hell just happened?
by The Return of Light Joker November 29, 2007
Used when you or someone else does something stupid. It also can be used if one is annoyed, disgusted, bored, surprised, or in pain. Or just for the thrill of saying something nobody else says.
Oy... my stupid sister stole my wallet!
by Ian December 13, 2003
word commonly used to express anger, frustration or complete disbelief in stupidity.

basically, the word "oy" is putting *smacks forehead* into a word.
Phil: so what time is practice later?
Sam: we have practice?
Phil: oy

Phil: Yes.
Phil: Yes
Sam: no
Phil: oy.

Phil: they dont get it still?
Sam: nope.
Phil: oy.
by sam_antha February 21, 2009
something to say to get attention when everyone is talking over you
Students: Why does mrs nash go oy whenever she calls us?

Mrs. Nash: OY!
Students: yes miss?
by sB129 March 15, 2008
A perversion of the English language and an established greeting or expression of distaste. This expression is most common in England, of all places. Also the reverse of the popular North American greeting, "Yo!".

I would assume that most British people would also find the expression, "yo!", very strange.
"Oy! What time is tea?"

"Oy! I mean, Yo!" - dyslexic American
by Prince of Persia May 24, 2012

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