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sayin- what are you doing and/or what are you up to.
"yo b, what you sayin" "nothin much, bout to spark up a fat head"
by TroubEz October 01, 2005
another way of saying wsup, wats reali gud, wat goin on inur endz...
kevin: Hey! wats Miami sayin' son!
dare: miami's WSUP! its crazy out here!
by African Queen April 26, 2006
Sayin generaly means What You Up To? in a urban way
boy- Yes Yes Safe
Next Man- Safe g
Boy- What U Sayin?
Next Man- Nuffin Nuffin You?
by Frizzdon December 03, 2007
1. An expression used to justify an opinion or to qualify a statement. Often used to add validity to one's remark and to encourage others to express their agreement.

2. An abbreviation for "I am saying" or "I believe this to be true" or "Do you agree with my opinion?"
a: pink is the new green!

b: oh yeah?

a: sayin.
by bahrainz September 26, 2004
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