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when somebody deficates on your chest
keith gave ted a hot karl.
by kenny December 18, 2003
My nut sack.
Me: Did you get that email from them niggas?
You: WHO?!?!
by Kenny October 20, 2003
One of the worst low budget movies ever made... The guys in the movie tried way to hard to be funny and they were not funny at all....
Instead of seeing Napoleon Dynamite, see Donnie Darko. NOw thats a good low budget movie ;)
by Kenny December 31, 2004
An whiny and/or annoying young person
Quit asking for candy, you little snot.
by Kenny December 09, 2003
when u get your clothes ripped off of you and u get raped in a dumpster
im gonna pouty tang your ass
by kenny April 19, 2004
Used often in the internet for online games, Roleplaying boards, and chatroom's. It is when a person reads what a character is doing, and thus assumes he knows everything what that character has done- without witnessing any of those events at all because A) his character was not there B)The action was in a different area of the rpg 'world' or C) the person is just a tool
How did you know that was me? I was in a disguise and put a disguise spell on- I don't look like my normal character at ALL, you fucking metagamer!
by Kenny March 15, 2005
Tender Love and Care. Its also the best female group of all time who sold millions of cds.
Yo, I'd give some tlc to tlc any day!
by Kenny May 06, 2005

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