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local band from Yonkers, that can not keep a set line up. A band With no talent.
Drummer:can not make drum parts for new songs
Bassist:knows one bass line(not even his)
Singer:Can't sing or write
Guitarist:is creative core of the band
The guitarist writes everything.
by kenny March 23, 2004
frills, a short way of sayin for real
"Man that girl has a sic ass"
by KennY February 03, 2005
to shoot man juice
i slurted my load. all over her face.
by kenny December 18, 2003
being repeatedly and publicly humiliated, usually in a sexual matter, often the "two fingers"
man did u see that bitch, he just got klaased
by Kenny February 20, 2005
Oy- to be suprised or hurt
Oy! did that tackle hurt, or Oy! did that person I wrestle suprise me with his skill
by Kenny May 12, 2003
to take a shit
i gotta take a smash
by kenny October 17, 2003
a drawing of vj's nipples on my hand
i like to touch the nipples on my hand, because they remind me of vj's nipples.
by kenny December 18, 2003

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