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74 definitions by julia

a drink made from everclear and cool aid
that jungle juice fucked me up last night
by julia December 12, 2003
the female anatomy, usually incorrectly defined as damn
!!!!Cono de tu madre!!!!
by Julia December 18, 2004
v; to blind someone unintentionally
"oh man, you almost ray charlsed me when you were waving that knife around!"
by julia December 07, 2004
Adjective used to mean something wicked, amazing. Can be used in a sexual connotation as well.
Check out that dutty ass!
by Julia March 13, 2004
A puke greenish yellow colour.
If I ever see another hootenanny coloured room, I'm going to puke.
by Julia February 06, 2005
Affectionate and Core word for the beautiful area of countryside and villages in South-East Leicestershire and bordering on Northamptonshire which runs from Kibworth in the North West, down via Medbourne and Ashley in the South East and round to the hub, Market Harborough in the South West. Particular beauty spots are The Lane, The Climbing Bridge and the Neville garden.
"What bliss - we are off up to the Shire this weekend"

"Thought I might go out in the Shire this weekend"
by Julia July 11, 2003
When you drink too much, eat something bad or your sick you throw up.
That guy drank too much. He looks like he's gonna Koo Koo Kachoo.
by Julia January 19, 2004