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1.ejaculate -noun-
2.ejaculate -verb-
3.Any repellant,smelly or inapropriate substance that also incorporates stickiness
(1.) "Is that spoodge on your good jacket?"
(2.) "Did you or did you not spoodge on that jacket?"
(3.) Old fashioned ketchup bottles with metal caps were prone to developing black spoodge deposits underneath the cap.
by ricardo london August 27, 2003
'Spoodge' an, or any, undesireable, icky substance, always a liquid, though can be very thick.
'eww, it's all spoodgey'
'that is some funky smelling spoodge'
by Erika June 22, 2003
To deposit a large amount of something, usually semen.
"I'm going to the bank - I've a spoodge for them."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
semen, ejaculatory substance
The guy spoodged all over the place
by Jay July 01, 2003
Meaning to suck up to people and take stuff for other stuff. Used also as 'crash'.
"Hey, I'm going to go spoodge off my parents, get some cash in!"

by DeadExit March 27, 2007
The spit of chewing tabacco.
Dude! Spit your spoodge in the spitoon bucket not on my shoe!
by Julia March 05, 2004

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