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Bringing down my good mood.
I didn't like her.. she was really harshing my mellow, man.
by Julia May 07, 2005
Theirs many verisons but all together they usually come to be the same at one point.

First Base- Frenching
Second Base- Feeling
Third Base- Oral sex, Fingering, Giving Head, Hand Job,...Etc...
Home Run- Sex
"Last Night me and my boyfriend went to third base and almost to a home run!!"
by JuLiA August 21, 2004
smart people and everyone who said something negative about girls is gay and yo mammo and yo daddy
i like being a girl because i know i am smarter than most
by julia January 13, 2005
Pretty, Smart, Enchating Girl with great dreams to become a Manga artist. Succeeds in everything that she does. Never gives up. Is a tomboy at times.
Roxie is the prettiest girl in the entire world.
by Julia July 28, 2003
It is short term for the word Douche Bag. Douche bag meaning a person who like an actual douche bag takes dirty vaginal secretion. Also implying this person sucks, is stupid. It's a basic insult.
Ron is a d'bag! Stan is a D'bag! Yer face is a d'bag. or simply D'bag
by Julia July 15, 2005
One of the greatest bands on the f**king planet. Rob flynn is THE god of the planet along with Trent Reznor.
F**king ace band live!!!!
by julia July 03, 2004
A sexy basketball player that stay fresh till death he's the best nothing less
by Julia November 09, 2003
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