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74 definitions by julia

Dipshitia is the realm of Julia and Luke The Almighty Queen and King of All That is Dipshit. It is the place where all Dipshits live.
I live in Dipshitia.
by Julia December 15, 2004
5 7
Verb: To be completely head over running shoes into a girl
I am cnick for Nicole Schappert!
by Julia October 27, 2004
9 11
Swimming pool
"Are you going t'baths"
by Julia January 22, 2004
8 10
A situation where the overuse or abuse by some of a resource that lies in the public domain leads to the loss of use of the resource for everyone.
When Fred let his sheep graze on the public square, he caused a real tragedy of the commons . . . now where are the college students supposed to go to play frisbee?
by Julia August 27, 2003
4 6
-sound that the penis makes while loosing erection during sex
*Honey is your penis loinching again?It's only been 25 seconds!
-a fuzzy fruit eaten with camel spit
*Have you ever tried a loinchy?
to be pronounced /loy-nch/
by Julia March 31, 2005
1 4
The really cool guy from the first Spy Kids movie, who was evil in the beginning of the movie, but ended up being nice in the end.
Floop is making spy kids to take over the world.
by Julia February 27, 2004
9 12
symbol linking two characters in a movie, game, manga, book or whatever in a romantic way. You don't say it, though, it's just written.
In Harry Potter, I ship Harry/Draco
by Julia November 15, 2003
50 53