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An expression of amused disdain.
Generally pronounced without the nh, or a nasal fadeout on those two letters. To spell it in English is impossible, for it is Pleiadian. Origins: North Carolina and surrounding areas.
Frank: I guess I'll go home now, and...
sleep alone...

Betty: t'zanh!
by Julia January 22, 2004
symbol linking two characters in a movie, game, manga, book or whatever in a romantic way. You don't say it, though, it's just written.
In Harry Potter, I ship Harry/Draco
by Julia November 15, 2003
British term meaning:
1. Manky stuff
2. Pathetic
"You've got some cack on your chin"
"That is absolute cack"
by Julia January 22, 2004
frumage: cheese in french
everyone knows the moon is made of frumage
by julia September 11, 2004
Very, extremely. Often used to describe geeks or nerds.
Justin is really hott, but uber nerdy!!!
by Julia December 06, 2003
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