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Silly mommy
She is MARGI
by julia February 28, 2003
The spit of chewing tabacco.
Dude! Spit your spoodge in the spitoon bucket not on my shoe!
by Julia March 05, 2004
9 year old girl who goes on teenager websites and types very well.
I'm leaving ellegirl!

Oh wait I'm going to stay now!
by Julia December 12, 2003
1. wonderful
2. big
3. Julia and Paige
1. That cake is so great.
2. The Great wall of china is very big.
3. OMG! you are so great.
by Julia March 09, 2005
realy crappy weed that comes in a brick and has seeds in it.
my mom has shank
by julia December 10, 2002
The people that live in Dipshitia
We are the dipshits.
by Julia December 18, 2004
A freshman. someone who gets picked on a lot cuz they're a young'n.
1) Get the freshies!!!
2) Hey, wazzup freshie!?!?
3) Damn Freshies
by Julia November 08, 2004

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