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wanna fuck means you see a hotgirl and ask her if she want's to fuck and take off her clothes and and fuck her good and hard untill she Screams.
Jack Asked Stacy and said wanna fuck stacy said yes then they fucked in bed.
by jiM March 12, 2005
69 for midgets
hey, look at them midgets doing 34.5!
by jim May 16, 2004
The plural of scally, meaning a group of young uneducated townies.
Stuart: Hey mate, look at that group of chavvy kids.
Paul: What a bunch of scallies!!
by Jim July 19, 2004
Affected tone of voice commonly heard in Locust Valley , New York by wealthy residents of the community. They speak
with little movement of their lower jaw.
Katherine Hepburn in a bad mood, or Jim Backus on Gilligans Island display some traits of this speech pattern.
Mimi, have you seen the keys to the Bently? I thought I might nip over to Piping for a spot of Golf.
by Jim January 24, 2004
we have a 187, thats murder
we got a 187 on a mother fucking cop
by jim March 08, 2005
the process of inserting an erect penis or dildo into a man or womans asshole
Bang me harder.... lets do anal
by Jim December 21, 2003
1. The opposite of cockblock.
2. To help a guy score with a chick.
"She seemed hesitant, then her friend came over and they had a private conversation. After that she was practically jumped my bones. Her friend was a total cockprop."
by Jim February 23, 2005

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