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The home of Alexander the Great, the man who spread Greek culture to the edges of the known world over 300 years before the birth of Christ.
The Birthplace of the Greek tribe of Macedonians, who fought with and against other Greek tribes such as Spartans and Athenians. The home to the first Greek leader to unify all the Greek City states to rule the known world. The home to over two million residents in Modern day Northern Greece, whilst also the home to a slavic race of people to the north in FYROM (The fomer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)who linguisticly and culturaly are very close to Bulgarain, if not the same. Not related to the ancient macedonians as the Slavs arived 1000 years after Alexander the Great which by then the poeple identified themselves as Byzantines and the term Macedonia had been lost for hundreds of years.
Hi I`m Macedonian born in Thessaloniki, well I am Peloponesian born in Kalamata and ethnicaly and culturaly we are both Greek.
by Jim February 07, 2005
When during sex, you can't find a condom to use, so you improvise and find items around you to make one.
Last night, Mitchel Burgess had to mcgyver a dirty sock and a rubberband before he blew his load into some swamp donkey he met on the street.
by Jim January 14, 2004
last time i checked, a grill is something you cook meat on, or the front vent thing on a car.
imma go cook me some burgers on the grill
by jim March 18, 2006
It is songs characterized and dominated by catchy guitar riffs, sometimes led by piano or organ, filled with vocal harmonies, and stick-in-your-head melodies that usually come in at around three minutes.
The power pop band was HARDLY Rock n' Roll!
by jim March 22, 2005
someone who likes the piss (beer)
ie almost a drunk, a piss head is probably an amature alco
yer man is a total piss head, he was out again last nite and shagged a 45 year old
by jim November 25, 2002
Timonium is a place bombarded with private schools and public schools(that may as well be private). If ya wanna go out to eat, head to Padonia Station cuz they serve the best wings around! Panera or McDonalds are the perfect meeting spots before the big parties. And no, these are not any ordinary parties...gigantic homes are packed with kids from Loyola, St.Pauls, Maryvale, NDP, and Dulaney. No, we don't go for the cheap beer, we drink coctails and Corona. Collars popped are a must and Lacrosse games are a major attraction. If ya gotta work, SnOasis or Jay's Shaved ice are the places to go. Hott girls and Hott guys can be found while you're cruising up and down York Road in your lifted red jeep, beamer, or land rover.
Guy: Timonium, where's that?
Girl: That's where I'm from...
Guy: Well that must be one hell of a place
by jim April 24, 2005
The term 'Robs mum' can be used in many a context, normally as an suggestive insult that you had sex with her.

Everyone I know has had Robs mum, if you haven't, you're missing out.
<PERSON 1> "What you doing tonight?"
<PERSON 2> "Robs mum."
by Jim February 03, 2005

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