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A big rich town where the soccer mom's will ask the Mafia to whack the other team. for everything else look at the first definition, it's perfect
My daughter is on the Massapequa soccer team and she is the best ever!
by Jim March 23, 2005
a funny saying, as quoted by E. Normus Johnson that states that he would walk 5,280 feet for a piece of pussy
E. Normus:I'd walk a mile for a vertical smile.
Random guy: Me too, E, Me too...
by Jim June 16, 2004
Alternate spelling of "fuck". Mainly used to beat profanity filters.
"Fukk this"
by Jim December 30, 2003
To lay claim to something or someone, secure right of ownership. A spoken agreement between friends that gives the person calling something rights to the thing/person called, without the other friends interfering.
"Damn that bitch is hot, I call it"
"Shit, I was really hopin to tap that ass"
"And don't even think about kieling that shit either"
by Jim April 07, 2005
a hard rapper from brooklyn who went to prison for p. diddy
it dont get beta than "more or less"
by jim August 10, 2004
A dick that won't do shit because you look at *WAY* too much pornography.
I'm horny on the inside, but damn if ain't got a limpy from porno!
by Jim November 27, 2004
quarter pound. refers to any drug sold by weight.
"once I get my unemployment check I'ma cop a q.p. and set up shop as a dealer"
by jim June 24, 2003

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