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A piercing located on the top lip, in the middle, just below your septum.

Generally worn with a labret post, Medusa piercings are incredibly painful.
"See that piercing on her top lip?"
"It's a medusa."
by nekr0phel3ah September 10, 2006
Greek legend has it that she was once a gorgeously hot woman with beautiful hair. She had an affair with the Greek god Zeus, but Athena, who was Zeus's wife at that time, found out and cursed Medusa by turning her hair into serpents and giving her the gift of petrifyng anyone who stares into her eyes.
But other than that, sex with Medusa is fantastic. Just make sure she has her sunglasses on.
by urban pervert December 07, 2003
A chick that is so out of order fine that she makes you all hard like stone.
Sheila is so fine she got me all medusa. It started in my pants.
by Charlie Golf May 07, 2004
The girl at the party who always has weed to share. She'll get everyone stoned.
Glad we ran into a Medusa last night, everybody was lit by the time she left
by medusalover September 01, 2010
A piercing on the center of the upper lip, below the septum.
Medusas, are in fact, very painful. They are not very common, but can still be found adorned on the bodies of body modification culture.
She pierced her Medusa while at the Body Art Expo.
by myspace.com/4509496 August 22, 2007
An extremely beautiful girl who happens to be bitchy from time to time.
Kacie is such a medusa.
by Me January 28, 2004
A woman that's so unbelievable hot one look at her and you instantly get wood (or turn to stone)
One look at that blonde Medusa and I was ready to put in some work!
by Da Count October 08, 2005