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A distant cousin of the cucumber, used as a sponge.

alternate spellings: Loofa, Luffa or Lufa etc.
Bought me a new loofa today. Man, that thing is so soft.
by Jd May 03, 2004
When you get head and manage to get the whole package (cock and balls) in the girl's mouth. For best effect make sure to stand like a sumo wrestler.
Damn man, this bitch had the biggest mouth and gave me the best Panda bomb of my life.
by JD October 07, 2004
Bondage device used to tie elbows and wrists togeather behind back.looks like long single glove
she was hogtied using a armbinder
by JD June 12, 2004
Dickish beyond all measure.
Sandstorms are beastishly dickish.
by JD May 17, 2005
Originally used to describe the original members of the Nazi Party who would wear brown uniforms to meetings and events before Hitler came to power.

Now used as a derogatory term for police, FBI or other law enforcement agents or anyone in authority.
Hide the stash man here come the brownshirts.
by jd January 03, 2005
1. someone who thinks that their affinity for raw fish and seaweed somehow makes them superior to you.
2. someone who thinks they are infinitely knowledgeable about sushi
That yuppie is such a sushilitist, he thinks that sushi is the only acceptable form of food.
by JD January 01, 2005
A girl pukes fucking noodles while making out... then refuses to pay for the dry cleaning
The bitch was Cambodian
by JD September 22, 2004

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