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Slang for a scale.
I donno man that looks pretty skimp I'm gonna slap that on the skizzy.
by Brendan L June 02, 2003
An appearance, action, or something that is in style or "fresh"
"That new hat is so skizzy"
by dopeskillz August 18, 2011
someone who wears low cut shirts and acts like a slut
When Sam sat on his lap everyone in the room thought 'what a skiz'

When Rebecca walked in the room without a camisole Mirusha called her a skizzy
by tiffff! December 02, 2008
The hottest and sluttiest person you will ever meet.
This skizzy is MINE!
I want this skizzy for real!
This guy is a real skizz, let me have him!
by DJ_Skizzy August 26, 2011
to scoot, to move, to get over and make room
"skizzy on over so I can sit down, too."
by fireproof woman July 23, 2008
Skizzy is a word that developed in the Saint Louis surrounding areas meaning Cocaine / Crack. Short for the feeling of Schizophrenia that the drug gives.
Yo' you gots some skizzy so i can make a flip and double bubble on ?
by Dollar August 29, 2005
Alter ego of the one "Jake Scott" From Skizzy you are able to purchase the most chronic buds and its always strizzy. He even hooks you up fat if your on his good side. But bud buyers beware, hes pretty crazy, not very many people know it, but hes pretty fuckn crazy
Dude, do you got any buddahs?
No Man, im dry as fuck.
Maybe we should call Skizzy for sum nugs
Yeah man hes got the best sticky icky around!
by One who purchases from Skizzy February 09, 2005
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