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someone, a person, or an a object can be a poonce. a poonce is infact a pussy ass bitch. (also objects can be poonce's or pooonced)
Mike is such a poonce it makes me sick.
Mikes car is all poonced out. that car has been poonced.
#pussy #gay as fuck #bitch boy #bitch ass #homo
by rsxboysarehot September 09, 2006
Derived from the word "poon" and "pounce"

A Poonce is a man who is incredibly slick and suave when in the presence of a lady. This man has a severely high chance on getting a woman to go to bed with him.

The determining factor in determining whether someone is being a Poonce is whether or not they are classy.CLASSY IS KEY.
James Bond is the king of Poonces
#lady killer #suave #slick #don juan #playa #player #classy
by Bozz hajj December 06, 2008
Asian gay guy
my brother brian is a poonce
by Andrew June 10, 2003
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