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A pair of untanned breasts, or for some people, a pair of white tits.
Go to bondi, you'll see more than a few backpackers showing their white pointers. Have a relaxing XXXX or tooheys and take the view in!
by jamesbrown May 01, 2003
The Tooheys beers, which are popular in New south wales, Australia, at the moment are the creativly named "new" and "old" types. It's cheap and its ok! see XXXX, VB, beer and franziskaner
I drink Tooheys new because it is cheap and cheerful.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
One who refuses to pay the going rate, someone who accepts your offers of drinks or whatever and does'nt repay the favour.
That guy is such a tightarse, drank my piss all night then would'nt let me have one of his durries
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
Cigarette, Australian saying, commonly used in Queensland, sometimes not understood in other parts of Australia.
Spoken by the bevan, who carries in the other hand a stubbie of XXXX, Tooheys or VB

Hey bloke, can I scab a durrie off you?
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
mockney wanker, who is that dickhead who married madonna and all of his movies are the same?
Lock, stock and two smoking barrels, cool, loved it.
Snatch? gee it was a lot like Lock stock!
This new thing? prison soccer? talk about a formula!!


GUY RITCHIE, the ultimate mockney wanker.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
A laptop computer that doesn't do what the salesman said it would, or a laptop which has seen better days.
That craptop is fucked, i think i'll throw it out the window.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
1. Where the boss sits you down and tells you how you will be paid. or screwed over, there is no "bargaining"
I prefer to call it "entrprise shafting" and hey, if you don't like it, theres the door.
2. Nothing to do with star trek, Pickard, or Kirk haggling for new phasers.
This enterprise bargaining is so win win, i work an 80hr week for the pay of a 40hr week, fantastic!
by jamesbrown May 01, 2003

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