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The Tooheys beers, which are popular in New south wales, Australia, at the moment are the creativly named "new" and "old" types. It's cheap and its ok! see XXXX, VB, beer and franziskaner
I drink Tooheys new because it is cheap and cheerful.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
More commonly referred to as Pooheys, it is not a beer, just a cheap, nasty, tasteless imitation.
Commerce Poof: "lets go to PAs"
Eng Dude: "dude, it's a pooheys pub. i'm not drinking that crap!"
by Rich June 23, 2004
Disgusting swill not fit for human consumption. See pooheys.
"Somebody brought pooheys to this party, lets stab them."
by david June 23, 2004
the most common name for a person who has rectal disorders
man:hey dylan do u have problems concerning your toohey?
Dylan: the only problem i have is a rectal one in my rectum :D
by Alexl2e June 13, 2007
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