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A prude slut, who flirts with a lot of guys but won't go anywhere with them.
An example of a prut is...

A girl is at a party and is flirting with all the guys but not making out with them just hugging them.

Or a girl that goes out with alot of guys but doesn't do anything with the guy besides snuggle and shit
by Michael Rammstien April 06, 2008
French, Flemmish, Danish and many other european languages for fart
This danish girl my mate married thought she could get away with farting by saying " no it was a fart, it was a prut"
by jamesbrown April 24, 2003
A prude slut.

A girl who hooks up with a lot of guys, but doesn't have sex.
-"Dude I'm so gonna screw that chick."
-"nah dude, shes a total prut."
by E. Bower June 21, 2007
Prude Slut
Girl flirts with guys and is "asking" to get some but denys the guy at last possible second, the girl is then a Prut.
by 376 Harriet November 08, 2010
When a girl wants to be just like all of the other slutty girls, but just can't commit. This is another way to say that a girl is prude and slutty at the same time; I know this sounds impossible but that's why it is so fucked up.
Dom: Dang, Lauren just broke up with Garrett I think in might go for her

*next day*

Dom: Hey me and Lauren just made out and I h
Grabbed her ass but she said that she won't let me do anything else to her.
Garrett: and that's why I cut that bitch out.
Dom: hell yea I'm done with that Prut
by Dbomb9 May 25, 2015

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