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The most bad-ass mother dudes in all of all of Europe.

Yeah...people from Denmark. They're danish.
Check out those Danish people, wow...i wish i was a dane. Those are some pretty 'bad-ass mother dudes' man...
by hydroxy August 06, 2006
People from Denmark. Also a language. Danish can also be used to describe a Pastry.
I am Danish because my father is from Denmark.
by Watsen September 23, 2007
The citizens and language of Denmark. Often used synonymous with "hot", "awesome" or just "genious".
1. So, is he hot?
-He is Danish.
-Oh, I see, nice going girl!

2. Is it genious or just very clever?
-Its Danish.
-OH, wow..I wish I was Danish too.
by bookworm2000 May 31, 2008
Danish is the language spoken in Denmark. Denmark holds 3 letters not known to many other countries but Sweeden and Norway: Æ is pronounced like the German Ä, Ø is pronouced abit like the German Ö, and Å not really like any other letter, but it reminds abit like Oh but not a long oh but fast.
Funny danish sentence, that foreingers always screw up: Rødgrød med økologisk fløde. Red porridge with organic cream.
by And F May 26, 2008
1. The goddamn illest nationality. Denmark trumps all y'all other countries, word up fucking Americans.
Person 1. Yo Søren's Danish.
Person 2. For real, that's the sickest shit i heard all day, Søren's the fucking man
by SultanDenmark April 05, 2005
Danish is the language spoken in Denmark. Many Norwegian and Swedish speakers also understand Danish.

Only few words differs from Norwegian, but the pronunciation is very different. You can say Danish is Norwegian spoken with your mouth full of mashed potatoes.
"Dude, the Norwegian guy ate mashed potatoes during our conversation. It sounded Danish"
by danishguy19 March 07, 2010
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