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A contraction of the phrase "what's up?"
Jack: Hey, sup?
Jill: Not much
by Falkan March 04, 2003
The type of hair possessed by one who is half caucasian and half blacky.
Ooh, that's quite a halfro!
by Falkan March 04, 2003
An adjective used to describe a recreational activity that is so amusing that it may cause profuse anal bleeding
This is fuuuunn-duh! (anal bleeding commences)
by Falkan March 04, 2003
Someone who talks about cars all the time.
especially: One who tells non carsluts details about cars that they have no interest in whatsoever.
AL: Listen, the interior of the Konda JX7845t-1.894RED011Berg has heat sensitive controls that recognize who the driver is just by the temperature of their ass.
ME: AL, you're such a carslut.
by Falkan March 06, 2003
The art of signaling to others in the room to remain silent so that you can lie to Meridethe about where they are. Involves quite a bit of creativity.
Justin: Oh, hi Meridethe. No, Mike is out shopping.
Andy: Shhh... he's merprovising.
by Falkan March 06, 2003
A small chocolate candy with a crunchy exterior coating. Often referred to as M&M's.
Mom, can I have some kajammers?

No kajammers before dinner, honey.
by Falkan March 04, 2003
(1) Adjective used to describe someone who displays the attributes of a bitch.

I can't believe that bitchous hooker. She didn't even offer to lick my balls!
by Falkan March 06, 2003
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