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A person deriving from the latin meaning 'Great'. This name often crops up in love poems as being the centre of love and is known for its soft sound when spoken.
A truly beautiful name.
Gina is the love that revolves around my once aching heart
by Adrian 'Adie' Davison March 04, 2006
Gina is a universal name from all continents representing one who is absolutely gorgeous (but doesn't seem to know it), is extremely charitable (but doesn't necessarily admit it), would do anything for a family member or a friend, loves to travel and go camping, but underneath that nature enthusiast also lies the heart of one who loves to be pampered at 5-star hotels. They generally go with the flow and can be equally hyper or shy depending on the situation at hand. She can be fiercely protective of loved ones and due to this, she shies away from mentioning them until you really get to know her. Based on numerology, Gina's make great actors or singers, while a small few with this name favor writing, just never ask them to play a sport as they will fail miserably. Their eyes are often very deep, showing their emotions without meaning to, so pay attention to that feature if you really want to know what a Gina is thinking.
"Gina confused me, until I looked in her eyes."
by BlackSilkRose13 January 17, 2012
Girl (guys are ginos), and very italian. Normally they're pretty hot. They go to clubs, every week. They wear some of the hottest clothes there is, and always know were the parties are at. AKA the best girl to date!
WOAH! i just saw a gina and was like DAAAAAAYUMN. i wish my girlfriend was a gina.
by Dannie Lynn February 22, 2007
Gina is Italian meaning "Great". They're normally cute, beautiful, pretty, hott & everything else!
"I wish my girlfriend was a Gina."
"I need a Gina in my life."
by gblah December 21, 2008
An extremely attractive woman who knows exactly what she wants and always gets her way. Men are very attracted to her and wind up leaving their partners to be with her. Usually has very long dark hair, big juicy lips, and a voluptuous figure with an amazingly perfect rack. Mixed in heritage.
I just met Gina at work, and dayum she is fine!
by HotMamiLover December 23, 2009
a girl that likes to get freaky. often times gets what she wants no matter what. Loves kinky sex but also passionate at times. Usually a girl who has a nice arch in her back and a perfect ass. Medium skin tone with nice curves.
bob: what did you do last night?
george: i was with gina, it was a long night. pullin hair and spankin ass dude. Im exhausted! SHE WAS A REAL GINA
by fanker December 09, 2007
Gina is a name meaning "great." She is very pretty, understanding, easy/great to talk to, and loves to accept people who they are. They are great friends and you can always be yourself around them. They'll always be there for you too! She is very smart and knows what she wants in life. No matter what happens in life, as long as you have a gina in your life, then you are okay!
person 1: "are you okay now"
person 2: "yeah, after I talked to Gina, I'm feeling happier now."
by joykooljoy June 28, 2011
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