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think 'slashed tires' - hence the origin of the word. slashed is the opposite of wheelz; it means having no wheelz or being overall awkward with girls (or guys!)
dude ... you are so slashed, it's not even funny.
by purplefairy September 27, 2010
18 7
A word to describe extreme intoxication.

The word was discovered by the American alcohol specialist Evan Nelson, who, upon consumption of massive amounts of hard liquor, accidentally combined the words sloshed and smashed to describe himself.

Usually slashed would be used to describe someone who can no long make intelligent verbal comments.
"Dude, how do you feel?"

"DUDE.... I'm so... fuuuccckkkkk.... nyah.... slashed.....!"
by Evan Nelson October 13, 2004
18 23
Scottish term used to describe being cut with a knife or blade.
Ned: Here mate, want slashed?

Ned 2: Bolt ya rocket.
by JackoMayte May 16, 2010
4 16