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A frase used to express extreme disagreement towards a request.
Roughly translated as "I strongly disagree with your request my friend."
Father: "Turn off the damn game and mow the lawn son."
by MsTr-Z May 17, 2005
A response to a dumb request, comment or a statement made by another party.
asshole 1 "Say, can I use your car to go pick up my skank ass girl and go to the lake and fuck?"

non asshole "No but you can lick my balls"

Cock sucking asshole ex best frend 1 "Man take your shit and get the fuck" Pissed off ex frend 2" Man why dont you Take your shit and lick my balls
by Un10nCarb1d4 November 02, 2011
insult dealing with someone's homsexualatity
"lick my balls homo!"
by james June 07, 2004
Also known as LMB, It is a phrase used in times of disagreement, anger, annoyance, or just a pure sparkle in a sentence.
Monica: Hello

Roula: Lick my balls.


Them: They dont want you to suceed

Me: Lick My balls
by Rouka June 23, 2016
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