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what this world is in need of
man, the radio sucks, the tv sucks, video games are starting to suck, my grandma sucks

can we die now?
by DIdotFMlover May 20, 2005
The art of concealing your sources.
all forms of plagerism
by tenkin October 21, 2003
playing childishly with obvious, known or old information and ideas can produce something new and great. This is creativity. It is the engine of imagination and the keel of not just science and art, but all intelligence, problem solving and dealing with life in general. Every child is born creative. Its our key challenge to help our kids preserve their creativity into adulthood.
by johnisnow March 19, 2009
When you forget who you stole it from.
Creative people tend to be forgetful.
by Phrodu July 10, 2004
creativity is almost a response to a visual stimulas without a judging thought
creativity is when a person responds to a brief or situation that he / she is encountering - a canvas to enact on
by Daniel Ting Chong November 14, 2005
Using available resources to invent a fresh perspective on an already established idea.
John's creativity introduced me to art.
by Decked May 30, 2015
Laying face down. Not to be confused with coning.
Planking is the definition of Creativity.
by Dumbbo7 June 29, 2011
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