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A hypothetical object that would be the combination of a fuck and a cake. Generally referred to in comparison of somethings merit or as something incredibly desirable.
"The PSP just came out and it's selling like fuckcakes!"
by Derek April 11, 2005
the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design.
Dude, check out the packaging for these rice crackers--the engrish is hysterical!
by Derek April 05, 2005
Interjection used after a particularly good insult.
All this time spent keeping people from having sex...now I know how the Catholic Church feels--BUH-ZING!
by Derek December 11, 2003
Sitting down on your nutsack really hard.
Man I just smashed herman again.
by Derek October 29, 2003
a word that has undefined characteristics, it is not a noun, verb, adjective, article, adverb, or preposition but can be used as any of them. It has no positive or negative connotation, but can be used to describe someone cool, or as a total fucking dumbass.
"Steve you fucking big top" or "Quit being such a big top, big top!"
by Derek October 25, 2004
nice ass; from the urdu language
The sexy beast was always on the prowl for chinkni bund.
by derek December 05, 2003
spirit lives in the smaller intestine of mr. slave, visited by lemmiwinks on his journey out of the gay man's ass.
gives lemmiwinks a helmet and torch
lemmiwinks, you are entering the smaller intestine, there you shall seek out the sparrow prince.
by derek April 08, 2003

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