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like said above, used after a great insult. I learned this from my friend Adam. He claims to have made up this interjection, and i'll still stand by his statement after reading the definition on this site.

After using the term "buh-zing" its neccessary to say "zinger accomplished!"
Adam : "hey robert, who's America's favorite vegetable?"
Robert : "i dont know. who?"
A : "Terry Shiavo"
R : "oooooh"
A : "Buh-zing"
R : "Zinger accomplished!"
by crazyfool September 15, 2005
Interjection used after a particularly good insult.
All this time spent keeping people from having sex...now I know how the Catholic Church feels--BUH-ZING!
by Derek December 11, 2003
is an exclamation used after a bad or corny joke is used at someone else's expense.
Kirstie Alley receives nourishment from a custard hose. BUHZING!
by muleof1999 February 20, 2008
buhzing is retard lingo meaning boo yah.
dude, i got laid...BUHZING!
by Steve March 03, 2005