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122 definitions by derek

A Vagina with teeth.
The Ride Home has a big wobachucki
by Derek July 17, 2004
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A concept outside America that is used commonly as a slogan among enviromentalists, some politicians and the like. Recycling is when someone takes used paper, tin cans, milk jugs and the like to a recycling bin so it can be cruched down by machines to be a new product. However a few of the posters here tend to use it as a sex term. And oh a decent source of cash if you need that few extra cents.
Jerry stole the bottles in the recycle bin in his school and traded it off at the recycling center so he could get a few extra dollars.
by derek October 30, 2005
41 16
a diragatory name for a person who hangs out with streetkids and thinks he or she is one but he has a place to go when it gets too cold or rough. Not a truly a streetkid or gutterpunk.
I hate that oogle, spare changing when you know that in two days he'll go home to his mom's house.
by derek January 17, 2004
248 223
bastardization of keke, which is a bastardization of hehe, which is more or less a chuckle. Used online and only online. Refer to rooflesfor more insight
OMG keekles!
by Derek November 26, 2003
29 4
a holy priest specializing in healing magic and wards against the undead - devoted to helping others
that cleric just ressurected zaven
by derek March 15, 2004
36 17
The nodding of the head once to symbolize a greeting, cuz we white folk to damn lazy to open our mouths and speak up. Nods are also easier to shake off than a flase "hello".
"Person nods at you", or your direction, "you nod back"
by Derek November 05, 2003
33 16
Born Kristian Kvisling Larson Vikernes, Varg Vikernes was born in Norway, where he grew up in Bergen. He met Euronymous and with him started the Black Metal band Mayhem with the name Count Grishnackh. Varg Vikernes was at the forefront of the Black Metal Movement. He murdered Euronymous, and was sentenced to 21 years of prison for it. Burzum is the project of this lone man. From his prison cell, he wrote his book Vargsmal, an indepth analysis about everything from race, to heritage, to the world as a whole.

Varg seeks to rid the world of the Jewish and Christian anti-culture, reinstate the beauty, heritage, and purity of his homeland. He is a hero to his people.
Varg Vikernes, son of Odin, is a hero.
by Derek April 04, 2004
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