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122 definitions by Derek

A cloud of foul gas left hovering in the air after some bastard just farted.
Whilst shopping in the frozen meats section of the supermarket I walked into someone’s guff and nearly blew chunks on the cold meat display
by derek May 24, 2005
465 234
when someone grabs the top of your whitey tighties and pulls up north
jason and cj just pulled up my waistbad
of my briefs and gave me a hanging wedgie in the locker room.
by derek January 22, 2005
466 244
Plain, tasteless, boring, lame. Just like white bread!
-She's nothing special, just a typical white bread bitch.
-All the guys in the halfpipe are pulling the same white bread tricks as last year
by Derek February 08, 2004
373 188
A pot leaf with two rolling papers
British Columbia is the marijuana capitol of the world
by derek January 22, 2004
373 198
mmmmmm delicious cancer sticks that have kept many people from dying
man im gonna kill someone if i dont get a smoke soon
by Derek July 25, 2004
439 271
a blood killer and you are a crip or you say it to be cool
when you see a blood you say fuck you slob bk for life
by derek December 01, 2004
362 286
The most beautiful, sweet, and loving girl god ever created.
Kamala is the love of Derek's life.
by Derek January 08, 2004
94 26