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1.High quality weed, usually strains produced for high THC and yeild. The term "chronic" also may be used for good weed when the specific strain is not known. For example, if you bought some chronic that was the northern lights strain, it would be sold as "northern lights," not chronic.

Damn I'm so Fuckin' high right now! (on chronic btw ;)
"you got some chronic man?, no, I got a fat sack of maui though!"
by derek November 19, 2003
Circulates through IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as another word for gay.(homosexual) Stems from an openly gay IRC user named Amante.
1)Thats so amante!
2)Man, Elton John was wearing one amante outfit tonight.
3) Men who go to chipendales are mostly amante.
by Derek June 28, 2004
What someone who is completely out of our generation says when they try to be cool, yet keep their pride.
" Hey Sonny, I mean, Word up, Kids?"
by Derek August 10, 2004
a diragatory name for a person who hangs out with streetkids and thinks he or she is one but he has a place to go when it gets too cold or rough. Not a truly a streetkid or gutterpunk.
I hate that oogle, spare changing when you know that in two days he'll go home to his mom's house.
by derek January 17, 2004
getting high in a inclosed room
me and derek just clam baked my shed
by derek March 25, 2005
A fire burning sensation from the deepest depths of hell that feasts on your asshole, different theories for causes include, poor wiping, foods that spawn a hellacious shit,or in some cases even over wipeage
yoouch, i shouldnt have ate that other double decker with hot sauce , i got one hell of a rim burner : /
by Derek April 29, 2004
A negro from Australia
They got Niggaroo's down under.
by Derek January 31, 2004

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