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Fenwick (verb) - The act of creeping or stalking a person in an open and obvious way (such as standing literally 4 feet away, standing in an open spot to stare). Known as fenwicking.
"What is Matt doing over there?
Probably fenwicking some girl."

"Melina likes that boy over there, she's probably going to fenwick him from the next table over."

Rawn fenwicked her for 20 minutes before he would talk to her.

Boy: Demetrius, stop that.
Boy 2: Sorry, I didn't mean to space out like that, I was in the middle of fenwicking that girl over there.
by Mr. W. Horrorland January 25, 2011
A term used to refer to a person with undesirable overbearing qualities. Usually someone nitpicky and commanding. Commonly used when referring to people who are control freaks.
1. Stop being such a Fenwick
2. This project is taking forever to get approval (name) is being such a Fenwick today.
3. That's enough Fenwicking from you.
by Beryl McStevenson April 05, 2010
A part of the small town of Pelham where people smoke and drink at the park, it's a pretty cool place.
Everyone's always drunk in Fenwick
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
When a British guy gives a ginger a rimjob

Shortened version: Fenny
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear? Simon Cowell totally fenwicked Bonnie Langford.

Guy 2: No way. He gave her a fenny? That's nasty.
by Mega Rainbow Ranger May 07, 2012
the word fenwick is an adjective. It is a word you call someone when they fail at something or they do something wrong. It is generally used as an insult to someone.
if someone miskicked a ball, you would call them a fenwick
by roflamethrower May 02, 2009
The legendary peacock of novato california
"Holy shit you killed fenwick!!!"
by Professor Shellster August 15, 2006
A place where you can tell someone to go if you are particularly annoyed with them. Commonly used in place of the word fuck in the presence of one who disapproves of swearing.
Get tae Fenwick ya wee bastart
by pcmckay July 04, 2007

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