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the best metal band ever
Iron Maiden kicks all other bands asses
by derek December 14, 2004
The father of all family simulations. The sims allows the player to exprience the suburban life, from falling in love to being a total wreck, the sims brought it all. The main protagonists/antagonists are the goths (Mortimer, Bella and Cassandra). As families move in and chaos brews up. There are zany and hilarious adventure for any sim fortunate/unfortunate enough to go here.
Even after its sequel the sims still remain known for being the father of creating household simulations.
by derek June 26, 2005
A condition held by overly long sideburns as they grow into long, curly strands that often resemble wings.
The man, with his shaggy, rebellious hair walked defiantly as his wing sideburn flowed gracefully in the wind like an eagle soaring ever so high.
by Derek May 12, 2007
When getting head from a girl, you push her head down on your dick and cum so that it comes out her nose as if she were a dragon snorting smoke out
I was getting head last night but I didn't really like the girl so I gave that bitch a dirty dragon
by Derek July 27, 2006
the state of being unbelievably crumbly, or just unbelievable
Steve: So how's the army treatin' ya?
Derek: It's good, real good.
Steve: Crumbelievable!
by Derek May 20, 2006
Circulates through IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as another word for gay.(homosexual) Stems from an openly gay IRC user named Amante.
1)Thats so amante!
2)Man, Elton John was wearing one amante outfit tonight.
3) Men who go to chipendales are mostly amante.
by Derek June 28, 2004
A shock video in the 2 girls 1 cup genre featuring two girls engaging in sexual acts involving vomit and feces. Most viewers find it more disgusting than 2 girls 1 cup.
Jeff: Dude, watch 2 girls 1 finger its so much better than 2 girls 1 cup!! Check it out.
Derek: (vomits profusely)
by Derek December 08, 2007

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