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A hypothetical object that would be the combination of a fuck and a cake. Generally referred to in comparison of somethings merit or as something incredibly desirable.
"The PSP just came out and it's selling like fuckcakes!"
by Derek April 11, 2005
fuck cake was an insult which Luke Brooks said to Beau Brooks on the 3rd of November 2013
Luke tried to insult me which resulted to him calling me a "fuck cake"
by @beausno1whore November 04, 2013
1. An excuse to use the word fuck multiple times in a sentence.
2. A generic insult roughly equivalent to fuckhead, fuckface, etc.
1. What the motherfucking fuckcake eating fuck?
2. Go fuck yourself, you motherfucking fuckcake.
by RCanuck February 13, 2008
What you call somebody who has made you mad.
That fuck cake cut me off twice today!
by TURRRI February 10, 2010
1. A pastry which people fuck: related to the fetish of pastriality. "Not like bestiality...more like...pastriality." - Krista
2. A complete douche bag
"I like fuckcake, that's right, I fuck cakes. Got a problem with that?"
by Audacious P August 21, 2008
interesting word for sex
Do you want to get under the sheets and have some fuckcake?
by rujellin August 11, 2011
Name of underground Washington, DC band whose hit single "Lick My Frosting" leaves everybody writhing. With a smoking front-man, an explosive ax-man (who has been called John Mayer-esque, both due to his ferocious play on the guitar and because of how out of place he seems being in a band called "Fuck Cake"), and with a functionally-retarded old man on the skins, this band of 20- and 30-something underachievers have rocked the masses from New York to Hawaii, but never so hard as when they rock the hyper-educated, upper-middle-class, drones in hometown DC.
Did you hear about that new band Fuck Cake? I wish the lead singer of Fuck Cake would give me a slunky, after the after-party.

Did you hear the new song from Fuck Cake called "It means Dick!"
by Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone April 27, 2010

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