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472 definitions by david

The greatest way to ask your buddy (male or female) if they would actually have sex with the person you are talking about.. So SUBTLE, and the person never knows.. WY is the first 2 letters in "WOULD YOU". Say the letters by themselves, together fast. And no one is the wiser!
Dude, look.. over there... "W Y".
by David February 09, 2005
54 15
Disheartened, forlorn, stunned in a negative way
"Man, you lost, but don't be phased."
by David December 15, 2004
86 47
noun -- A word used to describe your buddies girlfriend. Especially if your friend is wipped.
Hey, did you seen John at the bar last night?

Nope, he was with his pook.

Did you pook buy you those pants?
by david December 13, 2004
119 80
The opposite of ma'am commonly used when speaking to a man.
Yes, sir
by David June 10, 2004
75 36
The only continent on Earth that's not owned by anyone and has no permanent population. It might one day be colonized and become a single country.
Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth.
by David December 07, 2003
54 15
cattle truck: "fuck" (rhyming slang)
"cattled" cattle trucked "fucked"
were cattled!
by David December 09, 2003
49 11
Adjective; a web site made unavailable by posting the link on and thereby directing massive amounts of traffic to said web site. See also wanged and slashdotted.
Dude, our server is totally farked!
by David October 30, 2003
63 25